Star Wars Commander Proven base layoutsSTAR WARS! LucasFilm has hops on board and made their own version of Clash of Clans. While this new game is a bit buggy, it’s still a ton of fun to play and be in this universe. Han Solo shoots first in this game! Visit this web site often as new base layouts/setups of the top players are posted and use them create your own ultimate base design. Can you create the best base layout in Star Wars Commander? Go for it and see it here!

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Headquarters Level 5-7

1. 1
Creator: Genesisfury
2. 2
Creator: Gunner
3. 3
Creator: Benny
4. 4
Creator: Galthorn
5. 5
Creator: ~:(Myka):~
6. 6
Creator: Loot Skywompa
7. 8
Creator: Darth Plageius
8. 10
Creator: Terrancce

Headquarters Level 3-4

1. 7
Creator: Han Solo


1. 9
Creator: Moloko55

Thanks to all who submitted maps!

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